Pure Fiber AOC

  • SDPC-1400 Smartavlink Pure Fiber DP 1.4 AOC is our new Audio/Video cable , HD signal transmission depending on optical fiber, not only its support length become much longer (above 100m), but also signal quality is much more stable, no EMI completely, especially can support 8.1Gbps bandwidth per channel, 32Gbps total.Support 8K, meets DP1.4 Standard, It is a mature & competitive solution in the high speed date transmission market .This optical fiber cable can be applicated to computer with DP interface, Displays outdoor, LED signboards in streets / stadiums and Security System, that transfer audio video signal.

  • SDVP-8700 Smartavlink Pure Fiber DVI AOC is active optical cable (AOC) with high performance , low power consumption and low cost Using optical fiber , to  replace  copper  wire  as  the  high-speed  signal  transmission  medium , DVI AOC can perfectly transmit HD image over 100 meters. Compared with. the traditional copper wire, DVI AOC is much longer, softer , more slim with better signal quality and perfect EMI / EMC feature . Compared with other, HDMI optical fiber transmission solution, DVI AOC is easy to use.

  • SHPC-8700 Smartavlink Pure Fiber HDMI Cable is slim and most competitive on the market for its quality and length. It supports HDMI Maximum Data Rate 6Gbps with lightweight, flexible, and ultra-small long-term bending radius (20mm) hybrid cable. With our advanced optical engine embedded. HDMI 4K fiber optic cable is super slim and space-saving. OD3.0mm super slim but durable, for cases, request no EMI, support up to 100m maximum length.

  • SPMF-3000 Smartavlink Pure Fiber USB 3.0 Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a USB 3.0 electrical to optical conversion module. USB3.0 AOC can extend the transmission distance of USB3.0 transmission to more than 100 meters .AOC offer a quick solution to supply longer cable for USB3.0application.