DP 1.4 AOC

The purpose of a display port cable is to interface video and audio signals from a source to a display device like a monitor. And Smartavlink supplies the best quality DP 1.4 cables and medical DP cables. These cables are appropriate for any kind of use. They can be used indoors, outdoors, and in many places like hospitals and schools. For medical appliances, we have a special medical DP cable. These cables are compatible with different medical devices.

We have different kinds of DP 1.4 cables in our inventory. All the Displayport 1.4 cables are 4k supported and provide crystal-clear video and audio. Some of the DP 1.4 cables also provide 8k quality which is a pretty rare type of cable.

The cable support can go up to 100m and you can also buy customized Displayport 1.4 cables from smartavlink. All the cables are very flexible and tough. These cables have a transfer rate of 8.1 Gbps bandwidth per channel, and the total bandwidth depends on total channel numbers.

All of the DP 1.4 cables from smartavlink have a self-detection function installed. Because of this function, you do not need any kind of software. Plug and play mechanism. Some of the cables are also backward compatible. It makes the cables more useful and multipurpose.

Some of the Displayport 1.4 cables from smartavlink are armored cables. The armored cables are tougher and more sustainable compared to normal DisplayPort. They have a 200CU stainless steel constructed structure. It has a crush resistance of Long term 100kg; Short term 200kg. Armored Displayport 1.4 cables are suitable for outdoor uses. Like, street signal boards, security cameras, outdoor screens, etc.

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