DVI Pure Fiber Cable

DVI Pure Fiber Cable

SDVP-8700 Smartavlink Pure Fiber DVI AOC is active optical cable (AOC) with high performance , low power consumption and low cost Using optical fiber , to  replace  copper  wire  as  the  high-speed  signal  transmission  medium , DVI AOC can perfectly transmit HD image over 100 meters. Compared with. the traditional copper wire, DVI AOC is much longer, softer , more slim with better signal quality and perfect EMI / EMC feature . Compared with other, HDMI optical fiber transmission solution, DVI AOC is easy to use.



◆ OD3.0mm, long distance transmission, over 100 meters;
◆ Single channel DVI interface, support up to 10.2Gbps bandwidth;
◆ Program and store monitor’s EDID information inside of source connector;
◆ Thinner, lighter and softer than conventional copper cable;
◆ No radiation, NO EMI;
◆ Supports computer resolutions to 1080P and 4K2K(30P);
◆ Request two side devices self-powered.

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