Our USB 3.1 Backwards Compatible Active Optical Cables

USB 3.1 is the latest and fastest version of the USB standard, offering data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps. However, not all devices and cables support USB 3.1. This is where active optical cables come in. Active optical cables are a type of cable that uses fiber optics to transmit data. This makes

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USB C 10m: The Only Cable You’ll Ever Need

If you're in need of a longer charging cable for your devices, particularly USB C devices, the article recommends a high-quality USB C 10m cable. This ultra-long and durable cable allows for fast charging and syncing of all your USB C devices, providing convenience and flexibility no matter where you are. Keep reading to discover

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Revolutionize connectivity with Smartavlink’s USB Type-C 4.0

The evolution of USB connectivity has been remarkable over the past few years. From USB Type-A to Type-B, and now to Type-C, the technology has grown to offer faster speeds, higher power delivery, and more versatility. The latest innovation in USB Type-C technology is the USB Type-C 4.0 by Smartavlink. In this article, we'll explore

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FAQs about USB Type-C/PD

☞ Explain what exactly is meant by a few meters over how many Gs of HF line? ▪ Performance indicators of wire transmission  Low frequency: below 12KHz, the main parameters are capacitance, characteristic capacitance unbalance  High frequency: above 12KHz, parameters are attenuation, crosstalk, delay, delay difference, characteristic impedance, transmission speed, etc.. Common high frequency related

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Problem with USB Type-C TID Number

In order to use the USB logo (LOGO as shown in the figure below), USB adopters must go through a series of certification processes and first apply to the USB Association of the United States to become a USB member before officially adopting the USB specification and expanding functions on this basis. The products launched

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USB Fiber Optic Cable & Camera link Cable Solution

USB Fiber Optic Cable & Camera link Cable Solution Fiber optic cables are ubiquitous these days, and USB fiber optic cable is also a part of optical fiber technology. Though some of us might be aware of the fiber optic cables, it may not be so that everyone knows how to use optical fiber to

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Active USB Cable: All Needful Details

Active USB Cable: All Needful Details A cable could appear to be just a cable from the outside. For protection, it includes a wire and a rubberized exterior. Nevertheless, they are far more complex than that. You're probably pretty familiar with USB cables as the majority of them are passive. So what is an active

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All You Need To Know About The USB C 4.0

All You Need To Know About The USB C 4.0 The USB Implementers Forum's USB C 4.0 standard was made public in version 1.0 in 2019. The Thunderbolt 3 protocol, contributed to the USB-IF by Intel, serves as the foundation for the USB4 standard. According to the data type and application for each transfer, the

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USB 3.1 Type C: All You Need To Know

USB 3.1 Type C: All You Need To Know The most recent smartphones, tablets, and laptops have all quickly embraced USB 3.1 Type C, as has the blazing-fast ThunderboltTM 3 connector. The new standard, which replaces USB 3.0, promises a number of significant enhancements, including a two-fold increase in data transfer speed in a smaller,

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The Ultimate Guide to USB Optical Cables: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to USB Optical Cables: Everything You Need to Know USB Optical Cables are the new-age solution for transmitting digital data at lightning speeds. This innovative product is an Active Optical Cable (AOC) designed to provide faster and more reliable data transfer for your machine vision cable applications than traditional USB cables. These

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