Why should I use the latest Mini DP 1.4 instead of other data cables?

Get High-Quality Video Resolution with Mini DP 1.4 Active Optical Cables With the standard edition of DisplayPort and AOC cables, there is nothing more than expanded data wires available for high-end data connection. However, after the 2.0 and 2.1 editions, there are new bandwidth updates introduced in the industry, which are AOC cables. The latest

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A Smarter Way to Faster Connectivity: USB-C Optical Cables

The USB-C connection is excellent for mobile, personal computers, consumer electronics, and home entertainment applications. Optical USB is a term that refers to USB technology that employs optical technology, such as USB-C optical cables, to boost data transmission rates. The use of optical technology in USB cables and connectors, such as fiber optic USB extension

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How To Avoid Buying a “Fake” Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1 Cable

Because HDMI 2.1 devices, like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD are pressing even more pixels than ever, the last thing you require is an undependable cable creating problems. Below's just how to stay clear of obtaining scammed. The HDMI standard is overseen by the HDMI forum,

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USB 3.0 Cable or USB 3.2 Cable, Which one is the best choice?

Did you know that USB 3.2 Cable and USB 3.2 Gen2 Cable have an increased bandwidth of 10Gbps? No, really! We are talking about faster performance than ever before, which comes with a lot of new functionality. Our USB 3.2 Gen2 Cable has better built-in modules to enhance compatibility and performance, Whether it's an industry

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3 Reasons To Consider An Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the most often utilized HD signal for transmitting both high-resolution audio and video over a single cable. And in case you need to transfer 8K resolution, then you need an HDMI 8K cable. It depends on the user’s requirements. An ultra-high-speed HDMI cable is required if you need to

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Discover USB’s Newest Connector Version: USB 4.0

USB 4 Cable was released in August 2019, making it the most recent iteration of the USB connection technology. It is an improvement over earlier technology because it allows for improved port utilization and quicker transfers. USB 4.0 also has a Type-C connection that can carry up to 40 Gbps of data and provide 100

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How does HDMI 2.1 active optical cable improve picture quality?

An HDMI 2.1 active optical cable is a shielded hybrid fiber & copper cable connected to an HDMI port standard. ARC technology enables them to transmit audio and video in either direction, which makes them great. Because of signal attenuation, HDMI cables have a maximum length, and newer standards like HDMI 2.1 cables are quite

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SmartAVLink pure fiber HDMI2.1 adopts Texas Instruments chip and MPO head design to transmit 8K signal to 500 meters

In the field of AOC optoelectronic technology, pure optical fiber transmission technology can be described as the commanding heights of the industry. Pure optical fiber HDMI cable, pure optical fiber DP cable, pure optical fiber DVI cable, and pure optical fiber USB cable have all become the high ground for domestic and foreign manufacturers to

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SmartAVLink releases fiber-optic USB3.1 GEN2 VR data cable that can transmit 30 meters long distance

As the international giant FACEBOOK changed its name to Metaverse META, an unprecedented VR storm hit again, and this time it was the first time the VR industry had not been able to count. Compared with the ups and downs of the VR industry, SmartAVLink is committed to the research and development of high-throughput VR

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The mystery of SmartAVLink fiber USB Type C data cable supporting 10Gbps bandwidth and 30 meters distance lossless transmission

This year, the international Internet giant Facebook kicked off the "metaverse" world and launched a fiber-optic USB C stream based on its VR equipment. This optical fiber USB C cable is custom-designed for Oculus Quest2, with a length of 5 meters, and is mainly used to meet the requirements of light, thin and soft control

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