What is the difference between HDMI and DisplayPort?

With its first-mover advantage, HDMI occupies an absolute advantage in consumer-grade equipment, while DisplayPort relies on its technological advantages to conquer some areas of computer and professional design. The two major video interface standards, HDMI and DisplayPort, continue to improve bandwidth and transmission rate. It is foreseeable that the situation of two giants will continue

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5 Significant Pros of USB Type-C Cables that Ease Our Life

Developed in 1996, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry-standard that specifies cables, connections, and protocols for connecting, communicating, and powering computers and peripherals. The recent advancement of technological devices has increased the demand for smaller and more powerful connectors, which led to the eventual invention of USB-C cables, that can carry significantly more

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From HDMI 1.0 to 8K HDMI 2.1 Cable: All Changes You Should Know

With the rapid advancement of technology, HDMI cables are becoming increasingly important in everyone's daily lives. These essential cables have become the ideal way to link DVD, Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray players, video game consoles, and streaming media devices. HDMI cables took their flight in 2002, serving as the first-ever digital interconnection among devices. And

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Talk about the voltage drop of the Data Cable

For USB data cables, the most basic electrical parameters are resistance, voltage drop, voltage, etc. Of course, the most frequently asked question by customers is how much current the corresponding data cable can withstand, and how much conductor is more cost-effective. Today we will talk about the data cable. Basic knowledge such as resistance, voltage

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How USB 3.1 Superspeed AOC Cable Benefits Us And Where To Buy?

Fast and efficient data transfer has become a growing necessity. Whether you are streaming a live video or sending important data to a far-off location, you need a high-speed data transferring solution to avoid any setbacks. Modern businesses need reliable, secure, high-speed data transmission solutions and have a low latency rate giving a satisfactory experience.

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HDMI 2.1 standard confusion, DisplayPort 2.0 will have DP40 and DP80 certification

It is reported that the DisplayPort 2.0 standard will finally be implemented. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) said it will adopt a new certification program to ensure customers can tell if a cable or device supports the standard. According to reports, DisplayPort 2.0 supports DisplayPort UHBR (Ultra High Bit Rate) data transmission. In order

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What Is AOC Cable: All Things You Should Know

With digitalization being the new norm of society, people's demands have fastened internet speed, stable transmission, and high bandwidth. With simple copper cables failing to achieve all these purposes, consumers are turning towards AOC fiber cable for obtaining a reliable connection. The rising popularity of the AOC cable is because it efficiently binds the expanding data networks while securely

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