One Chart to let you know who is Smartalvink

Smartavlink start from 2009, after 12 years develop, become world first level Optical-Electrical Converting solution provider, our product including finished assembly product: HDMI Active Optical Cable series, DP Active Optical Cable Series, USB Active Optical Cable Series, Type C Active Optical Cable Series, also including HDMI Active Optical Converting module , DP Active Optical Converting

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Merry Christmas&Happy New Year

Time is fly, 2021 will past soon. Due to COVID-19, 2021 is hard for every people, it stopped a lot thing, stopped our face-to-face communication with our partners. Smartavlink team keep focus on RD, put a lot of source & effort on improve the product. Smartavlink try to provide best active optical solution to world-wide.

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Shenzhen Euroway (SmartAVLink) Releases the World First 20 meters HDMI 2.1 UHS Active Optical Cable and Achieves the GRL Certificate

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartAVLink (Shenzhen City Euroway Technology Co, Ltd), a world-leading AOC manufacturer, and Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for connectivity and HDMI Forum Authorized Testing Center, today announced that SmartAVLink achieved the 10m and 20m Active Ultra High Speed HDMI® Certification. For now, SmartAVLink total have 5m 7.5m 10m 12m 15m and 20m HDMI Active Optical Cable to passed HDMI ATC certificate. Obtaining the certification will

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Smartavlink announced 2022 product map

Smartavlink announce 2022 product map, from this map we can found, our new product indding following: 1. USB 4.0 AOC Cable, 2. USB Type C Data+Video+PD60W AOC cable 3. Type C Video + USB2.0 AOC Cable 4. Type C to HDMI 8K@60Hz AOC cable 5. DP2.0 80Gbps AOC Cable 6. DP to HDMI 8K@60Hz AOC

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The Ultimate Guide on Knowing USB Active Optical Cable

The Ultimate Guide on Knowing USB Active Optical Cable Optical fiber technology has been around for close to 150 years. Even though this technology was around for close to one and half centuries, it was in 1965 that optical fibers were first used as a means to transfer data. Due to their durability and consistency

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Everything You Should Know about USB 3.1 Type-C Cable

With USB 3.1 cables’ arrival, the data transmission, which is up to 10Gbps, has become a reality, not to mention that USB 3.1 type-c cables are getting widespread acceptance in contemporary electronic gadgets. USB 3.1 type-c cables are the cutting-edge technology that can transfer data quickly and fast charging in modern-day electronic devices. Unlike traditional

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How to select Industrial Camera?

Precautions for purchasing industrial cameras How to choose industrial cameras in practical applications such as machine vision and industrial imaging? 1、Analog Camera & Digital Camera The analog camera must have a digital capture card. The standard analog camera has a low resolution and the frame rate is fixed. This should be chosen according to actual

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What is the relationship between 5G and artificial intelligence?

In every corner of the earth, there is a butterfly effect on the revolution of AI. Even small changes will create a huge storm around us. Everyone knows that this is a technological innovation about the future of mankind, and with the development of 5G, AI will also be overwhelming.   Artificial Intelligence is like

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Flexibility: The selection considerations of towline cable

The towline cable can be divided into different types according to different functions: high flexible data towline cable, high flexible power supply towline cable, and high flexible control cable. Nowadays, towline cables are used in various industrial equipment and power places. The biggest characteristic of this kind of cable is that its flexibility is very

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Test requirements of high flexibility and bending resistant towline cable

Towline cables are more resistant to wear, durability, bending and even torsion resistance for ordinary cables.    Automation equipment manufacturers should not be too strange to high-flex cables, but many customers are not too clear when purchasing products, how to test the number of times the cable is bent, how many times can it be qualified?

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