The USB-C connection is excellent for mobile, personal computers, consumer electronics, and home entertainment applications. Optical USB is a term that refers to USB technology that employs optical technology, such as USB-C optical cables, to boost data transmission rates. The use of optical technology in USB cables and connectors, such as fiber optic USB extension cables and hubs, is often referred to as optical USB.


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Why Use A USB-C Optical Cable?

If you live in the modern day, you’re definitely dependent on cloud-based services like Dropbox or Google Drive to keep your business productive. The advent of cloud computing services and technologies has drastically altered how businesses conduct themselves. Currently, we expect quick access to information.


Businesses must evaluate their network architecture in order to continue serving the increasing expectations of quick access. Slow internet speeds, high latency, and “capped” connections can all cause productivity and efficiency losses in businesses. And USB-C optical cables can help in some of those areas.


Advantages of Using A USB-C Optical Cable

Let us see some of the unique benefits of USB-C optical cables:

  • No modern technology outperforms fiber optic connections in bandwidth. A fiber optic connection can transmit more data than a copper cable of the same diameter because fiber optics have higher bandwidth.
  • Because a USB-C optical cable’s signal is held within each individual fiber strand, it must be retrieved from the end of the cable by cutting through it. In most circumstances, this would bring the network down and alert everyone to the problem. As a result, it’s more secure.
  • USB-C Active Optical Cables are appropriate if the gap between the laptop and display is too large or if you have a USB-C monitor with enhanced functionality. Some USB-C displays offer a charging function in addition to delivering video and data. As a result, the laptop transfers the image signal to the monitor, and the monitor recharges your laptop.


Extend Webcam Length With A USB-C Optical Cable

USB Cable Extenders are handy for extending the reach of USB devices. There are numerous cameras available online, as well as USB-C optical cables. For instance, if you’re looking for a Logitech camera USB cable, you can find it easily online. These cables can work with webcams as well.

The Logitech camera USB cables can extend your webcam’s length and increase convenience. These webcam extenders also transfer data pretty well. So, you get covered from all sides.


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Bringing USB-C optical cables to clients enables faster data speeds and more efficiency. It has never been more crucial to invest in a network that is future-proof and promotes innovation and growth. SmartAVLink is ready to help customers keep one step ahead of the networking curve thanks to our devoted customer service, staging procedure, and investment in research and development labs.

SmartAVLink’s super fast 10Gbps USB 3.1 AOCs come in a variety of configurations, including AM-FM, AM-BM, AM-C, and C-C interface types. You can check out our products and find one that matches your preference. You can contact us unhesitatingly if you have any queries related to any of our products or fiber optic cables.