Because HDMI 2.1 devices, like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD are pressing even more pixels than ever, the last thing you require is an undependable cable creating problems. Below’s just how to stay clear of obtaining scammed.

The HDMI standard is overseen by the HDMI forum, while the HDMI Licensing Administrator looks after the licensing of the technology. Relevant devices and accessory makers must fulfill the criteria of the HDMI forum if they intend to produce an item that’s been licensed or accredited by the HDMI Licensing Administrator.

Although the latest HDMI standard is referred to as HDMI 2.1, HDMI’s movie directors have a different naming convention for cabling. To get a fiber HDMI 2.1-compatible cord, you must search for the words “Fiber HDMI Ultra High Speed” on the box.

Cables aren’t offered as “HDMI 2.1 cords.” In the past, HDMI 2.0 b cables were marketed under the regular “High Speed” name.

To guarantee you’re getting a high-quality product, try to find the “Ultra Certified Cable ” hologram as well as the QR code on the package. This means it’s been evaluated to a minimum standard as well as licensed by the HDMI Licensing Manager.

These cables cost a little more than the choices on websites like and AliExpress. However, it’s likely worth it to guarantee that you obtain the entire series of functions offered by HDMI 2.1.


Verify Your Cable Purchases with the Official App

When looking for a cable at a shop or after your online order has been delivered, you can verify the credibility of your cable with the official HDMI Certification application for Apple iPhone as well as Android.

Just set up the app, point your mobile phone’s video camera at the product packaging, and wait. It would be best to see a “Congrats” message educating you that the cord has undoubtedly been accredited. The HDMI Licensing Manager states that the cable’s name must also be published on its outer jacket.

If a cable falls short of the examination or there isn’t a hologram or sticker on the package, it hasn’t been checked. This does not always mean it will not function, yet there’s also no warranty it can carry the complete 48Gbits per second specified by the HDMI 2.1 standard.


The Problem with Cheap Fiber HDMI Cables

Troubleshooting problems with your home entertainment arrangement can be taxing and discouraging, particularly if you have a receiver or soundbar in the mix. When you get a licensed cable, you’re (ideally) getting rid of a minimum of one variable from listing future issues.

There are some complicated problems you may start seeing if the cable you’re utilizing isn’t up to snuff. These commonly turn up when you’re attempting to utilize an older Fiber optic HDMI 2.0 cable with an application that exceeds its 18Gbits per 2nd specification.

You could not have any concerns until you play the 1 or 2 games that perform at 4K/120Hz on the Xbox Collection X or PlayStation 5. These problems consist of whatever, from a black screen that does absolutely nothing to weird artifacts and “sparkles” that appear randomly.

You may encounter sudden blackouts, flicker, or obtain error messages stating that your TELEVISION has run into a “handshake” concern. This implies the TV and source gadget can’t communicate effectively because the cord isn’t approximately the job.

It can be alluring to affordable out on cable, specifically when it involves futures. This is where Fiber HDMI cords can obtain costly. The longer the cable, the more the signal can degrade prior to reaching its location. That’s why the best cord is the quickest one you can get away with that matches the bandwidth demands.

There isn’t a “perfect” cable length. However, for 4K resolution and high frame rates (120Hz), you should use an HDMI cord no longer than 10 feet (3 meters). But Fiber HDMI cable can easily be up to 10m, even 100m. For reduced resolutions, the ceiling is between 20 (6 meters) and 50 feet (10 meters). If you’re using lengthy cable television and experiencing issues, you can try this fiber optic HDMI cable out.


What is about the latest certificated HDMI 2.1 AOC Cable

For our latest certified optical HDMI 2.1 cable, there is an exclusive certification code here which is HFR7-24, which represents proof that our product has passed the strict testing by the ATC lab. It also means that the fiber optic HDMI cable we produce is fully compliant with the requirements formulated by the HDMI Association organization.

Due to the use of optical fiber and photoelectric engine, fiber optic HDMI 2.1 cable solves the drawbacks of signal attenuation caused by copper wire lines with increasing length, supporting up to 100 meters of stable transmission; and long-distance signal transmission attenuation is negligible. This feature is particularly important for the home theater because even the living room theater pre-built HDMI cable at least 5 meters or more to meet the demand for long-distance lossless HD. So more than 5 meters, to maximize the signal transmission lossless, it is recommended to choose fiber optic HDMI 2.1.


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