As the link between hundreds of millions of devices – HDMI cable, even if you haven’t heard it, you must have used it. The current HDMI cable has evolved into many advanced forms such as metal HDMI cable, optical copper hybrid HDMI cable, and pure optical fiber HDMI cable. SmartAVLink recently released a super slim and compact AOC fiber HDMI cable version 2.1 HD cable, focusing on solving the pain points of users who need drones, SLR cameras, and small installation and wiring space. What are the advantages of this ultra-thin version of the optical fiber HDMI2.1 high-definition cable?


【1】Ultra-small shell + ultra-thin wire body, small and slender double swords

In order to achieve the widest market acceptance, the mainstream optical fiber HDMI cable version 2.1 basically has a 45mm long casing and a 4.8mm thick wire diameter. For regular home users and engineering users, there is no problem in using basic wiring. However, for users in special environments such as hidden wiring, narrow space wiring, and smaller pipe requirements, smaller housings and thinner cables are their ideal cables. As a result, SmartAVLink, an ultra-thin version of the AOC optical fiber HDMI cable, was born, with a shell length of only 31.9mm and a cable diameter of 2.8mm.


【2】Adopt photoelectric engine scheme, lossless transmission and anti-radiation interference

At present, a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles, photographic cameras, etc. have entered thousands of households, and the demand for HDMI high-definition cables for airborne is increasing. For such photography and video users, how to ensure the stability of the HDMI high-definition cable equipped with the camera in high altitude and various environments is a headache problem. Conventional copper wires tend to be thick and bulky, susceptible to environmental radiation and signal interference. The emergence of SmartAVLink ultra-thin AOC optical fiber HDMI cable perfectly solves the above problems, and is lighter and thinner to prevent radiation interference.


【3】Support HDMI2.1 standard to achieve 8K signal lossless transmission 15 meters

For some international manufacturers, special and strict wire drawing and manufacturing processes can be used to achieve a transmission distance of up to 1 meter for copper HDMI cables. However, even so, such cables are extremely expensive and can only transmit 8K/4K signals over a distance of only 1 meter. Obviously, this can’t compete with an AOC optical HDMI cable. SmartAVLink ultra-thin optical fiber HDMI2.1 high-definition cable is not only slender, but also can achieve lossless transmission over a long distance of 15 meters.


SmartAVLink’s products mainly cover optical communication transmission devices, pure optical fiber cables (such as pure optical fiber HDMI/USB/DP/DVI, etc.), optical-copper hybrid cables (such as hybrid optical fiber HDMI/USB/DP/DVI, etc.), gold-silver-copper cables Conductive media cables (such as silver-plated HDMI/HDMI/USB/DP/DVI/audio cables, etc.), audio and video lossless decoders, etc. In the HDMI field, SmartAVLink has a huge product system and R&D system in the industry, providing different solutions for domestic and foreign customers.


About SmartAVLink

SmartAVLink started Optical-Electric conversion technology in 2013. Their optical and electrical conversion products include HDMI AOC, DP AOC, USB Type-C® AOC, DVI AOC’s (Active Optical Cables) and relative Optical-Fiber Engine. SmartAVLink has more than 7 years of experience in HDMI AOC design and manufacturing, and provides OEM/ODM to more than 300+ brands worldwide. SmartAVLink is an innovative company that focuses on optical and electrical conversion development. SmartAVLink’s products have worldwide applications including — VR&AR, Machine Vision, Medical System, System Integration, Digital Signature, Home Theater etc.

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