Developed in 1996, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry-standard that specifies cables, connections, and protocols for connecting, communicating, and powering computers and peripherals.

The recent advancement of technological devices has increased the demand for smaller and more powerful connectors, which led to the eventual invention of USB-C cables, that can carry significantly more power and have a 10,000-cycle lifespan. Most industries adopt the USB Type-C cable for other devices due to its numerous benefits to consumers’ daily lives. Thus, the thriving USB Type-C cable market gives the businessman a positive signal and attracts an increasing number of people to join the market. 

Thus, in order to help you know how the USB Type-C cable makes our lives easier, this article will guide you to figure it out. 


Pros of Using USB Type-C Cable

The enhancement of science and technology stimulates the innovation of USB Type-C cables, which have a wide range of benefits in store, such as:

  1. New Connector Shape Allows Reversible Plug

In the past, we experienced how irritating it can be to insert a USB, especially when in a rush. However, you can finally say goodbye to the frustration as the new USB Type-C cable size is symmetrical, allowing for quicker and faster insertion on the first try. It means you can put it in quickly no matter which side you plug it in. The oval-shaped- rectangle USB has smooth curves which slide into the device port without any difficulties.

  1. Higher Transmission Speed Guarantees Better User Experiences

The USB Type-C cable boasts superspeed USB 10 Gbps as USB Gen 2. It is also intrinsically tied to other emerging standards, such as USB 3.1 for faster speed and USB Power Delivery for enhanced power delivery over USB connections. 

You can quickly charge your smartphone, laptop, Mac, or iPad. Moreover, as it transfers data up to 20 times quicker than USB 2.0, it allows you to upload a year’s worth of music in just 10 minutes or a full HD movie in 30 seconds, bringing you a more satisfactory user experience.


  1. Compact Size that Can Be CarriedEverywhere

In the recent evolution of technology, devices have been becoming smaller in size, resulting in the shrunken size of connectors. Through incessant innovation, USB Type-C manufacturers developed the USB Type-C cable, around 60% smaller than the Type-A cord. The USB Type-C cable has a new, small physical connector, around the size of a micro-USB connector, and its compact size smoothly makes its way into your laptop bag, taking up little to zero space. 


  1. Various Applications to Deliver High Powers

The common USB Type-C cable is designed with a power rating of 2.5 watts, which is the same as most USB A connectors. And it has the following main applications:

  • Smartphone
  • Desktop PC
  • TV
  • Monitor
  • Docking station
  • Printers
  • Cameras
  • Wall output
  • Scanners
  1. Durable Designs to Support Long Term Use

Although the cable’s size has decreased significantly, it has no impact on its lifespan whatsoever. According to statistics, the USB Type-C cable withstands at least 10,000 insertion and removal cycles, whereas type A cables can withstand at least 1,500 times for inserting and removing. Thus, due to its durable designs, USB Type-C can be used for a long period. 


The Bottom Line

The USB Type-C connector ecosystem adapts to the changing needs of modern platforms and devices, as well as the trend toward smaller but powerful and resistant factor designs. These cables make our daily tasks easier and faster than before.

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