In every corner of the earth, there is a butterfly effect on the revolution of AI. Even small changes will create a huge storm around us. Everyone knows that this is a technological innovation about the future of mankind, and with the development of 5G, AI will also be overwhelming.

 What is the relationship between 5G and artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is like a network, it is everywhere

Twenty years ago, we just got rid of analog signals, and the wave of digital communications is sweeping. The Internet is just synonymous with strange textbooks. It is hard for ordinary people to realize that the Internet will redefine the world. Nowadays, the world built by high-speed network locks has become more and more close. Search engines such as Google and Baidu have become the entrance to our information, social applications such as Facebook have become a necessity. The e-commerce platform headed by Alibaba is not only seriously impacting offline channels, but its volume is even enough to challenge the world’s fifth largest economy.

From clothing, food, housing and transportation to cutting-edge science, the Internet has become the world’s master, and artificial intelligence will undoubtedly become the world’s next ‘burst point.’

What is the relationship between 5G and artificial intelligence?

This is an exciting future for mobile internet. The high-speed, low-latency nature of the 5G network means that computing power does not have to be carried around. Behind the mini device, it can be a server group connected via a 5G network. Yes, in the near future, our mobile phones, laptops, and smart watches will all have the opportunity to become a supercomputer. 5G network can achieve a lot of scenes that I couldn’t imagine, such as playing the top 3A masterpiece on PC through mobile phone. All complex graphics operations may be completed thousands of kilometers away, and the images will be transmitted to the mobile phone in real time through a 5G high-speed low-latency network. The mobile phone will give high-response feedback through the 5G network, so that the mobile phone can also have the image quality of the top game PC and experience.

Artificial intelligence and 5G are slowly becoming reality

Artificial intelligence and 5G, they are not an empty topic, and both are slowly becoming a reality. In Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, there are already many features related to AI computing. Qualcomm believes that artificial intelligence will not only be in the cloud, AI computing is moving from the cloud to the terminal. In the AI calculation, whether the mobile phone chip itself has the ability of neural computing will be particularly important. In fact, local artificial intelligence operations will also be more conducive to the protection of private data.

What is the relationship between 5G and artificial intelligence?

In the smartphone experience, the advantages of AI are obvious, such as personal health monitoring, as the use increases, AI will record the physical condition of ordinary users, and customize the health plan that is most suitable for you; In popular games, AI can detect the user’s own operation logic and habits, and then pre-judgment in advance when the network status or system resources are insufficient to ensure the smooth progress of the game; When the mobile phone is photographed, machine learning can automatically predict the user’s composition and focus, thereby improving the performance of the camera. In the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, these functions will be realized through heterogeneous architecture operations of Hexagon DSP, Adreno GPU and Kryo CPU. Different components can provide optimal solutions for different scenarios when completing AI calculations.

At the same time, the second generation Gigabit Modem X20 is built into the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, which supports the highest Cat.18 or 1.2Gbps downlink speed, but this does not only mean faster speed rate, but also brings more stable network rate. The Snapdragon X20 LTE modem supports up to 5 carrier aggregation, and more channels will also bring better signal performance, while 4X4 MIMO itself will enable X20 LTE to have better information reception capability, which performance increased by 20% compared with the X16 LTE modem in the Snapdragon 835. , .More carrier aggregation capabilities mean higher network connection speeds, and the current 1.2Gbps downlink rate is only the beginning. These technologies will become the cornerstone of 5G network development.


In the 5G era, your device will know you more and more.

During CES 2018, Qualcomm President Christiano Amon elaborated on the ‘Mobile Innovation: How 5G Will Change the Future’ forum: ‘5G will ensure that every connection will be wireless, it will completely change our current connecting way. The existing connection method is not only the current mobile use scene, but almost all aspects of life.’ What 5G really changes is the life we are bound by various harnesses. Under the blessing of 5G technology, information transmission does not have to be connected by wires. The connection between equipment and equipment is more tight. Under the high-speed network and artificial intelligence, the equipment around you knows you better.

What is the relationship between 5G and artificial intelligence?

Therefore, the fusion reaction generated by 5G will be beyond imagination, and it will not only become the challenge that the industry will face, but will also change the world again.

The combination of 5G and AI will inevitably lead to a more intelligent Internet of Everything. In the era of big data, photoelectric conversion, as the next generation of video and data transmission media, can effectively solve the problem of short distance and low bandwidth in the traditional copper era, helping designers and developers break through these limitations and drive product upgrades and replacements. The technical team of Smartavlink is welcoming the arrival of the 5G era with a positive attitude.