Nowadays medical display manufacturers offer not only the traditional DVI connection, but also Displayport and HDMI more and more often. This increased variety can sometimes be confusing to the users, since they have to ask themselves:

· What connection is the best for my medical application?

· What are the specifications?

· What is the difference between them?

Now, Let me introduce these cables as below:


Smartavlink HDMI/DP/DVI AOC for Medical Application

Introduced in 2003, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a 19-pin digital connector standard most consumers tend to favor now. This connector and cable supports any uncompressed digital video format and carries eight channels of audio. It can also carry Ethernet and a CEC connection. However, HDMI has its limitations especially in the early versions, for example the maximum resolution of HDMI 1.0 is 1920×1200 at 60 Hz, and of HDMI 1.3 – 2560×1600. Now the maximum resolution of HDMI 2.0 – 4096 × 2160 at 60Hz.


Smartavlink HDMI/DP/DVI AOC for Medical Application

Introduced in 1999, the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is the 29-pin connector that came after VGA. This connector is digital, which means that data is transmitted and is not affected by noise or distortion. The resolutions of DVI differ depending on single and dual DVI links. Look at your DVI connector and if there are missing pins in the middle then it is a single link DVI cable, which is more common. The highest resolution for a single DVI link is 1920 × 1200 with 10.2Gbps bandwidth. So you should opt for dual DVI links when higher resolution is needed,Note that your video card must support dual links.


Smartavlink HDMI/DP/DVI AOC for Medical Application

DisplayPort (DP) is designed to be backward-compatible with HDMI,DVI,and VGA, providing support for next-generation displays while maintaining the compatibility with existing digital and analog displays. DP carries digital video and 8 channels of uncompressed audio and transmits in micro data packets. This means the protocol has room for growth for future versions.The bandwidth can reach 8.1 Gbps per channel, DP supports higher resolutions, color depth, and refresh rates, including 7680 × 4320 at 16-bit color depth per pixel and 8K UHD video at 60 Hz. DP 1.4 added support for Multi-Stream Transport (MST), enabling multiple monitors to be used via a single DP connector.

HDMI, DVI, DP AOC Compared

Smartavlink HDMI/DP/DVI AOC for Medical Application

Because of the higher color depth provided by DP and HDMI, these connections are to be preferred in medical imaging, as higher color-depth is equal to a higher number of JNDs (Just Noticeable Differences) – thus the observer is able to distinguish more shades of grays and colors.

As a leading Audio-video signal design and manufacturing company, SmartAVLink is continuously focusing on high quality medical video signal solutions. More and more, today’s medical devices are generating numerous types of video signals. From analog to high definition digital, each of these medical devices requires video control and video signal transferring or converting. Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to bring advanced technologies and efficiencies to their facilities. High quality digital video interface applications are an important part of that equation.

Smartavlink HDMI/DP/DVI AOC for Medical Application

Using optical HDMI/DP/DVI cable, instead of copper, brings many benefits in medical installations. Picture quality remains high over long distances, and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) is not a concern. Optical fiber cables are the perfect solution for extending digital video signals without loss, from medical devices to digital displays in the operating room or even to remote places in the hospital. An infrastructure using optical HDMI/DVI/DP helps to isolate and reduce unwanted interference between video signals and power cables. This is an important and mandatory requirement for many medical devices. SmartAVLink is supplying and working with major MRI,Medical Displays and endoscope companies in US, EU and Japan.

SmartAVLink’s product line consists of Active Optical HDMI Cable, Active Optical Dispalyport Cable,Active Optical DVI Cable, Active Optical USB Cable,Active Optical USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C Cable,Active Optical Coiled Cable, Active Optical KVM Cable and Active Optical Armored Cable etc., and is getting reputation in over 20 countries in the world.

No matter what kind of Hybrid Active Optical Fiber Cable you needed for Medical Imaging Devices,even for ProAV/IT, Digital Signage, Video Control System, Home Theater, Traffic Management, Aerospace, AR/VR, TV Broadcast Station, Automative, Machine Vsion and Robotics applications ect., SmartAVLink can provide best suitable cable for you with OE(Optical fiber to Electrical) converting solution.