If you’re in need of a longer charging cable for your devices, particularly USB C devices, the article recommends a high-quality USB C 10m cable. This ultra-long and durable cable allows for fast charging and syncing of all your USB C devices, providing convenience and flexibility no matter where you are.

Keep reading to discover why the USB C 10m cable should be your new best friend.


Why You Need USB C 10m Cables

A 10m USB C cable is the most helpful tech accessory you never knew you needed. Here are a few reasons why you should add one to your gear bag:

  1. Flexibility: A 10m cable gives you options. You can charge from further away, use your devices while they charge across the room, or set up a permanent charging station in an outlet not right next to your tech.
  2. Convenience: No more crouching by the nearest outlet or moving furniture to be within the cable’s reach. A longer cable means less hassle and more freedom to roam.
  3. Charging multiple devices simultaneously: With a 10m USB C cable, you can quickly charge a laptop, tablet, phone, and wireless headphones or earbuds simultaneously from the same power source. Talk about efficiency!
  4. Emergency preparedness: In a power outage, a longer charging cable could be a lifeline for your phone or other devices. Those extra cable length meters mean you have a better chance of finding an available outlet to plug into.
  5. Compatibility: A high-quality 10m USB C cable is compatible with USB C laptops like MacBooks or Dell XPS, as well as the latest phones, tablets, and accessories. One cable to charge them all—what could be better?

A 10m USB C cable covers all your needs and then some. Why be tied down by short cables when you can have nearly 11 meters of flexibility and freedom? Make charging more convenient and being prepared for any situation as easy as plugging in a single cable.


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The SMARTAVLINK USB C 10m Cables on the Market

When it comes to USB C cables, you want one that can handle anything you throw at it. The SMARTAVLINK USB C 10m cable is a versatile choice that should meet all your needs. This 10-meter cable supports high-speed USB 3.1 data transfer up to 10Gbps, so you can quickly transfer files between devices. It’s also Thunderbolt 3 compatible for connecting to docks, displays, and external drives.

The SMARTAVLINK USB C 10m cable, provides up to 100W of power delivery, enough to fast charge your USB C laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also use it to power a USB C display or docking station. This single-cable solution means fewer cables to carry and less clutter. Available in black, gray, or red, the SMARTAVLINK USB C 10m cable complements any workspace. And with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support, you can buy with confidence. Our USB C 10m cable, is an excellent choice for a high-performance, do-it-all USB C cable. With support for data, video, power, and more, it’s the only cable you’ll ever need.


How to Choose a High-Quality 10m USB C Cable

When choosing a 10m USB C cable, you want one that will last and perform well. Here are some tips for finding a high-quality cable:

  • Look for a cable rated for high-speed data transfer and charging. A cable rated for USB 3.1 Gen 2 or Thunderbolt 3 will handle speeds up to 10Gbps, fast enough for 4K video and gaming. It will also charge your devices quickly. Cheaper cables may only support USB 2.0 speeds, which are much slower.
  • Check that it’s appropriately rated for USB Power Delivery (USB PD). USB PD provides more power for charging larger devices like laptops. A cable rated for at least 60W will fast charge most USB C laptops. Higher wattages like 87W or 100W will charge more powerful laptops.
  • See if it’s certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). Cables with the USB-IF certification meet strict standards for performance and safety. Uncertified cables could damage your devices or not perform as advertised.
  • Look for a reputable brand that offers a warranty. Well-known brands are more likely to stand behind their products if there are any issues. A 1-2 year warranty is good, while a lifetime warranty is best.
  • Consider an active or optical cable for longer lengths. Active and optical cables are used to boost signals and improve performance over longer distances, such as 10 meters. Passive cables without signal boosting may work for shorter lengths, but performance may decrease over longer distances.

A high-quality, well-made 10m USB C cable will ensure fast, reliable connectivity and charging for your USB C devices. Finding a cable that checks all the boxes will give you a cable you can count on for years to come.



So there you have it. The USB C 10m cable is a versatile and essential tool for charging devices, connecting external hard drives and monitors, and transferring data at high speeds. At 10 meters long, it allows for freedom of movement and eliminates the need for multiple cables. With this cable, there is no more hassle of tangled wires or forgetting chargers. It is a must-have for tech enthusiasts and anyone living in the modern age.