USB Fiber Optic Cable & Camera link Cable Solution

Fiber optic cables are ubiquitous these days, and USB fiber optic cable is also a part of optical fiber technology. Though some of us might be aware of the fiber optic cables, it may not be so that everyone knows how to use optical fiber to link a camera, especially a CCTV camera.  Usually, CCTV cameras need long cables to establish a long-distance connection. And what better way there is in such a situation than employing fiber optic cables?

usb fiber optic cable


USB Fiber Optic Cable Defined

When referring to USB technology, the term “USB fiber optic cable” usually means that it makes use of optical technology, like fiber optics, to increase data transfer rates. Hence it is a simple fiber optic cable and does the work of the same. Optical fiber cables consist of a group of separate optical fibers encased in a single outer sheath. When compared to electrical communication connections, optical cables are capable of transferring digital information transmissions in the form of light across far greater distances and at much faster throughput rates.


Who Can Use A USB Fiber Optic Cable?

Anybody hoping to go beyond the constraints of a copper-based Ethernet wired network might benefit from switching to a USB fiber optic cable. While designing a local network for security cameras or a wide area computer network, fiber optic cable and equipment are no longer out of reach due to their high cost. Fiber optic cabling offers superior connection speeds and greater accessible bandwidth.

Fiber optics certainly are more beneficial than the earlier used copper wires. Though the main distinction between these two is that the fiber optics cables are much faster than the copper cables, there are other minor advantages too. And that’s why it can be used as a camera link cable as the video data needs faster signals to work efficiently.


How To Use A Camera Link Cable?

Let us see how we can employ a USB fiber optic cable to work with a CCTV camera:

  • A digital converter and a camera link cable are all that are required for this.
  • Connecting the CCTV camera to a monitor or computer is as easy as plugging in a wire. A multimode, double-stranded cable would normally be the best option.
  • Check that the cables between the camera and the screen are not cut or spliced.
  • Be sure you give adequate room for other network devices by using the correct connectors on both ends of the wire.
  • Connect a receiver to the computer or monitor end of the cable and a transmitter to the camera end. Make that the antennas for the transmitters and receivers are enclosed. Use the existing power sources to run both of them.
  • You may use any standard Ethernet cable to link the transmitter to the camera, and the receiver to the monitor. Be careful you plug in the transmitter and turn it on.
  • Verify that the network is operational and that the camera’s recorded footage is of sufficient quality to be viewed on the monitor.


Thus you can use a USB fiber optic cable to link a camera.

Camera link Cable


To sum up, fiber optic cables are used for versatile purposes and they might often come in handy to people to resolve length issues or poor network issues. You can find optical fiber online as well as in your local store. If you are planning to buy one, you can also check our store once. We, Smartavlink, are an expert organization of various types of cables. In China, we have been supplying USB cables and other kinds of wires for a long time, And our customers trust us for our quality products and loyalty.