Hard wiring is becoming unimaginably more advanced every day due to technology’s rapid advancement. Consumers now have an exciting advantage thanks to the advent of the new Dp 2.0 standard, launched in June 2019, as it provides a superior connection over the now-outdated HDMI cable.

Because of the nearly tripled bandwidth over DisplayPort 1.4a, the Dp 2.0 protocol allows for resolutions as high as the astounding 16K and higher refresh rates. Let’s dive into the details of Dp 2.0 AOC.


Why Do We Use Dp 2.0 AOC?

When connecting a host device—typically a PC—and a display, dp 2.0 cables transmit both video and audio. All DisplayPort cables have the same fundamental layout, making them relatively simple despite widespread use.

In the most straightforward terms, Dp 2.0 cables transmit audio and visual signals via a single wire.

They link monitors or displays to a source device, such as a computer or laptop, and send the audio and video output from the source device to the display.





Advantages Of Dp 2.0 Cable:

The finest performance for PC gaming display configurations comes from DisplayPort, which enables users to utilize any cutting-edge graphics technology on the market fully.

  • Dp 2.0 provides ultra-high resolution with high refresh rates, which provides flawless quality with no buffering.
  • Simple adaptors enable DisplayPort-enabled devices to connect to displays and projectors that use more legacy standards like DVI, HDMI, and VGA, so PC owners don’t need to change all of their equipment.
  • The preferred screen resolution will be changed automatically by the self-detection system.


What Are The Key Features Of Dp 2.0 Active Optic Cables?

Following are the key features of DP 2.0 active optic cable.

  • The newer Dp 2.0 delivers an astounding 300 percent increase in capacity over earlier DisplayPort versions, enabling audio and video transmissions over a single connection. It’s now possible to display ultra-high resolution video at refresh rates previously not possible thanks to Dp 2.0 bandwidth 80 Gbps
  • Without using any image compression, Dp 2.0 can support up to two 8K displays at up to 85Hz or up to two 4K displays at 144Hz. Now you enjoy the visual without buffering with this resolution, and the visual quality is flawless.
  • DisplayPort 2 includes a power-saving function called Panel Replay in addition to significant bandwidth gains. Panel Replay optimizes the operation of your display while reducing power consumption. When Panel Replay is enabled, your display only updates the elements that are changing on the screen, sparing power.
  • Displayport 2.0 length is 100m, but its length can also be customized. The length of the cable won’t impact the signal transmissions.
  • This wire is made from copper and premium hybrid optical fiber. It guarantees the Displayport 2.0 cable’s strength and connectivity.
  • The best thing about this Dp 2.0 cable is that this hybrid cable supports Dp 2.0 UHBR10
  • With a DP interface, this Dp 2.0 cable works with any computer. For demanding applications, it also has a Lower EMI EMC.



Dp 2.0 cable offers quicker data transmission, higher video resolution, and support for cutting-edge display combinations. One of the greatest Displayport 2.0 cable manufacturers on the market is Smartavlink if you require Dp 2.0, head to our official website. Visit our website or feel free to contact Smartavlink for more information about the product.