Nowadays, the video and image quality has risen to 4k, 8k, and 10k resolutions. It needs reliable cables with small connector plugs and compatibility with broadband as well as long-distance transmission. The Type C AOC cable has been a lifesaver for such a purpose. They are used worldwide to meet the growing needs of data transmission between sources and displays.

The real question is: what makes the AOC cable so unique? And why does every major technological manufacturer recommend using it? Find out the answer to these questions and much more by reading further.

What is A Type C AOC Cable?

Using the electrical to optical conversion technology, the USB Type C optical cable has a small connector plug to deliver fast charging and smooth data transfer through high power levels while providing enhanced safety. As AOC Type C cables provide a faster and more secure transmission medium, these cables are being installed on a massive level to satisfy the swelling consumer demands.

And SmartAVlink has upgraded the performance of USB type C optical cable. In addition, we have launched a newer and more reliable version of the AOC cable to provide end-users with a more efficient, quicker, and safer experience.


Features of New Type C AOC Cable You Will Love

The new technologies that have emerged are designed especially for immersive experiences. The AOC cable is the one to meet the growing demands for AR/VR, cameras for conference rooms, machine vision, storage, and other computer peripherals. Let’s take a closer look at what the new Type C AOC cable has to offer:

  1. Remarkable Visual Quality

The Type C AOC cable allows you to use the video capabilities built into your USB Type C connection to deliver stunning HD quality to your display. This adapter allows you to achieve a high and imaginable output resolution at 60HZ, ideal for high-resolution tasks like viewing and editing 4K videos.

  1. 1 Gen2 10Gbp Support

The new type C AOC cable meets the USB 3.1 Gen2 standard and is designed to have a superspeed bandwidth, which reaches up to 10Gbps. Not only that, it supports two sides plug and play, which will ease your user experience.

  1. Support for USB2.0 and USB1.1

The SmartAVlink USB type C optical cable is compatible with older USB versions, such as USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. Its cutting-edge technology is backward compatible, with ports and connectors for quick device charging and data transmission. 

  1. PD 60W (20V, 3A) Support

The AOC type C cable is one of the most versatile chargers. With a maximum power output of 60W (20V/3A), it can recharge a depleted phone battery to around 50% in half an hour and a computer to 50% in just one hour.

  1. Availability of Multiple Sizes 

Small cables can be very annoying and hard to connect with other devices, so we offer to eradicate this issue. For example, the new generation AOC type C cable is available in different lengths ranging from 3m to 5m, 7.5m, 8m, and 10m to satisfy your different requirements.


Applications of the New Version Type C AOC Cable

  • Mobile terminals: it can charge laptops and other high-wattage devices, something that prior standards couldn’t do.
  • Conference rooms: this type C optical cable is compatible with a wide range of cameras and can be installed in small meeting rooms, homes, and other settings. 
  • Home theatre: it is valuable for transmitting data, power, and even video and audio to other devices with high-resolution video and images. 

In a nutshell, this new type C AOC cable outclasses all conventional AOC cords, and we will see more gadgets using this cable shortly.


New Type C AOC Cable: Best Product at Best Price

If you are looking for a portable cord that is durable, efficient, and safe for your devices, look no further. SmartAVlink is a dependable provider of optical-electronic solutions. The new type C AOC cable is ideal for quickly transmitting all of your important files and charging your phone, PC, or other devices.

Specializing in optical-electric solutions, SmartAVlink has a wide range of optical communication components. Operating since 2013, we are known globally for providing customers with the best products at pocket-friendly prices while focusing on customer relationships. When it comes to optical-electric solution solutions, we offer quality, reliability, and affordability with the strict BER (Bit Error Rate). 


If you are now probably wondering where you can acquire a good-quality type C AOC cable that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg, you can leave it to SmartAVLink! Please take some time to hear how we may help you.