With USB 3.1 cables’ arrival, the data transmission, which is up to 10Gbps, has become a reality, not to mention that USB 3.1 type-c cables are getting widespread acceptance in contemporary electronic gadgets. USB 3.1 type-c cables are the cutting-edge technology that can transfer data quickly and fast charging in modern-day electronic devices. Unlike traditional USB cables, type-c USB cables have a reversible and small connector inserted into electronic devices in both directions.

In this article, to help you form a clear understanding of USB 3.1 type-c cables, we will talk about their features, benefits, and applications. And then, we will recommend the best product. 

Feature of USB 3.1 type-c cables
As one of the essential elements in our daily life, these cables own various features and functions. Some of the crucial features that make these cables stand out from the crowd are given below.
Fast data transmission: USB 3.1 cables provide avenues for faster data transmission. It is a significant shift from USB 3.0 technology that is used to transfer data only up to 4.8Gbps. However, the latest 3.1 cables can transmit data up to 10Gbps, almost doubling the data transmission rate from the erstwhile technology.
Smaller form: USB 3.1 type-c cables come in smaller connector sizes with a height of no more than 4.5 mm. The miniaturization of these cables has increased the demands of smaller size connectors to optimize the user experience.
Reversible connection: While inserting your type-c cable into the connector, it is no need for you to check the correct orientation of your connector anymore. The cable works fine connected in both directions.

Benefits of USB 3.1 type-c cables
USB 3.1 type-c cables bring tremendous merits to us. While using these cables, you will get the following benefits.

Better user experience: USB 3.1 type-c cables optimize the user experience to the fullest. It is a smaller cable connector that can fit in both directions. And all you need to do is to insert the cable immediately into your device. And the fast data transmission rate of these cables provides users with a smooth and fast experience.
Anti-interface: The USB 3.1 type-c cable, which contains hybrid copper and fiber cable, is designed in anti-interface and strong resistance to EMI. It not only provides a longer length but also supports stable 10Gbps super speed. 
Higher power transmission: The power delivery in USB 3.1 type-c cables can reach up to 100W, enabling you to charge even your laptops. This change in paradigm can prove vital for technological transformation as the previous technologies were limited to only 12W of power, which used to charge mobile phones only.

Applications of USB 3.1 type-c cables
Nowadays, USB 3.1 type-c cables have wide applications. For instance, laptops use type-c connectors for charging purposes. Not only this, it is common for us to find USB 3.1 type-c cables used in TVs, displays, projectors, etc., to achieve audio or video transmission. Moreover, this optical fiber cable is available to use in wearable techs, cameras, and other digital devices to achieve fast data transmission. Due to the variety of features and benefits these cables offer, their use will increase to a large amount in the foreseeable future.

Where to find these cables?
Choosing the USB 3.1 type-c cables can be tricky sometimes as many businesses are jumping into this due to its widespread demand. However, not everyone can commit to the delivery standards it promises. 

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