USB 3.0 AM to USB-C Active Optical Cable

USB 3.0 AM to USB-C Active Optical Cable

SUAC-3100 Smartavlink USB 3.1 A to C AOC , is to remedy the defect that normal USB 3.1 active fiber optic cables cannot power the device, Fiber as a transmission medium on the basis of the integration of copper cable stomps to power the equipment. Need to be in the non-with the addition of any relay device, the hybrid fiber optic cable can be up to 50 meters in length , and can be free on demand length sits suitable for applications that do not have on-site power supply .This optical fiber
cable can be applicated to machine vision, Remote monitoring, etc.



◆ Meet USB 3.1 Gen2 Standard , bandwidth can reach to 10Gbps super speed;
◆ Support length up to 50m .(Custom length is available);
◆ External power supply is not required;
◆ Support two sides plug and play , support charging up to 900mA /5V;
◆ Do not downward compatible with USB2.0/1.1;
◆ No RF interference , working stable in complex environments.

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