The 3 Difference of Optical Fiber HDMI Cable That You Don't Know

日期: 2020-04-22
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The difference and the advantage between optical fiber HDMI cable and copper HDMI cable

(1)  Difference in wire core

Optical fiber HDMI cable uses optical fiber core, generally made of glass optical fiber; While copper HDMI cable uses copper core, of course, there are upgraded versions such as silver-plated copper and pure silver wire. The different materials determine the huge difference between the optical fiber HDMI cable and the copper HDMI cable in their respective fields. 

(2)  Difference in chip

 Optical fiber HDMI cable adopts optical to electric conversion chip engine, which needs two optical to electric conversions to realize signal transmission; one is converting electric signal into optical signal, and then the optical signal is transmitted in the optical fiber wire, and then the optical signal is converted into electric signal to realize the effective transmission of the signal from the SOURCE end to the DISPLAY end. The copper HDMI cable adopts electric signal transmission, which does not need two optical to electric conversions.

(3) Difference in transmission validity

 As mentioned above, the principle of the chip solution adopted by the optical fiber HDMI cable and the copper HDMI cable is different, so there is also a difference in transmission performance. Generally speaking, because the optical to electric needs two conversions, the difference in transmission time between the optical fiber HDMI cable and the copper HDMI cable within 10 meters of the short cable is not large, so it is difficult for the performance of the short cable to have an absolute victory. Even on the basis of audio-visual metaphysics, copper-core HDMI cables are better than optical HDMI cables in terms of sound performance.

But in the long-distance transmission, the weakness of the ordinary copper core HDMI cable is dwarfed. To be precise, (some products may support shorter transmission due to poor workmanship and poor material) It is extremely difficult to achieve 4K @ 60HZ signal transmission, and it is easy to drop frames and screens, even if it can be transmitted long very barely but the signal will be very attenuated for the distance of more than 10 meters. At a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters, the performance of copper-core HDMI cables will be greatly reduced. A signal amplifier is required to achieve the highest 1080P signal transmission. The advantages of optical fiber HDMI cable are shown in long-distance transmission. Optical HDMI cable can support lossless transmission of 4K @ 60 4: 4: 4 signals over 150 meters without signal amplifier. At the same time, due to the use of optical fiber as the transmission carrier, the signal's high-fidelity effect is better and better, and it will not be affected by the electromagnetic radiation of the external environment. It is very suitable for games and high-demand industries.

Finally, let s talk about the fact that for users, there is no need to use optical HDMI cables for short meters, because copper-core HDMI cables can already meet your daily work and entertainment needs well. If it is used for engineering long meters, then you need to carefully consider your budget and choices. After all, the advantages of optical HDMI cables in the long distance transmission field are self-evident!

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