New product coming : USB 3.0 A male to B male

日期: 2020-04-01
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 According to the news , the Covid-19 expanding fast and worldwide , and it is really more serious than we thought . Luckily, China lends a helping hand to these serious infection countries. We donates medical supplies and our excellent medical teams to the needs. Hope these countries can defeat this cruel virus soon. Hope everything can go on normally all over the world soon. China is helping you guys and praying for you guys. Please don't give up.

Smartavlink still does not stop the pace of progress during this tough time. We are still trying hard to produce good quality AOC products and developing new AOC products to our dear customers.

Last week , we published our new product : USB 3.0 A male to B male AOC , for printer application special .

New product coming : USB 3.0 A male to B male

Key Features :

1. Support super speed 5Gbps bandwidth ;

2. Support length up to 30m max .

This year our main product map is develope full range of USB series AOC products, It will bring qualitative leap to many industries on the basis of traditional copper cable. Appreciated your feedback for more information

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