Fiber Optical application in Automotive

日期: 2019-08-20
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        At present, the overall automotive component supply chain has gradually shifted from Europe and the United States to Asia. According to industry insiders, European high-grade vehicles such as AUDI, BMW, BENZ and VOLVE used plastic fiber in the line of communicating and in-car entertainment during the year four or five years ago.

       In the future, 5G applications, increased data volume, and in-vehicle interconnection applications require fiber optics to help efficiently transmit big data, that is, fiber-optic multi-channel data communication systems.

       Plastic optical fiber can be used in vehicle communication and audiovisual systems. The vehicle-mounted communication network and control system form a network, and the peripherals such as microcomputers, satellite navigation devices, mobile phones, and faxes are incorporated into the overall design of the locomotive. Passengers can also enjoy music, movies, video games, shopping, Internet and other services in their seats through a plastic fiber optic network.

Fiber Optical application in Automotive

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