Do you know Camera link ?

日期: 2019-08-17
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Camera link is developed from the channel link technology. It adds some transmission control signals based on the Channel link technology and defines some related transmission standards. Any product with the 'Camera link' logo can be easily connected. The Camera link standard is customized, modified, and released by the American Society of Automation Industry AIA. The Camera link interface solves the problem of high-speed transmission.

Do you know Camera link ?

Do you know Camera link ?

Interface configuration

Camera Link's interface has three configurations: Base, Medium, and Full. It is mainly to solve the problem of data transmission volume, which provides suitable configuration and connection method for cameras of different speeds.

Do you know Camera link ?


Base occupies 3 ports, (one Channel Link chip contains 3 ports), 1 Channel Link chip, and 24bit video data. A Base uses a connection port. If you use two identical Base interfaces, it becomes a dual Base interface.
Maximum transmission speed:2.0Gb/S @ 85MHZ

Medium = 1 Base +1 Channel Link Basic unit
Maximum transmission speed:4.8Gb/S @ 85MHZ

Full = 1 Base + 2 Channel Link Basic unit

Maximum transmission speed:5.4Gb/S @ 85MHZ

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