New era of HD has chosen a new HDMI cable

日期: 2019-08-06
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The emergence of HDMI cable has greeted the handover of popular devices. In the past, it was the world of DVDs. Today, digital devices are dazzling. The old interface of audio and video is far from meeting the needs of the present, so there is an HDMI interface, and then comes HDMI cable.

            New era of HD has chosen a new HDMI cable

When a next-generation playback device such as a Blu-ray player appears, the HDMI application is born. A connector can not only simultaneously transmit audio and video signals, but also supports 1080P full HD transmission on the video side, and the audio end supports up to 9.1 channel transmission. It is the audio and video cable with the most capable transmission currently.

      The development of audio and video cables has evolved with the development of playback devices, from the early connection of video recorders, VCD AV cables, to the color difference measurement lines used in DVD and HD set-top boxes, to the development of HDMI cables supporting next-generation devices. We can see that it is a process from simple to complex, and then back to the original. The video line of one video and two audio connectors is poorly displayed and cannot support HD transmission. Later, in order to improve the image quality, the video transmission of one day is divided into three lines, which can support high-definition transmission. But five connectors appear, which is very complicated to connect.

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