Notice of CNY Holiday

日期: 2019-12-19
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Notice of CNY Holiday

Notice of CNY Holiday


Dear Valued Customers,


We sincerely thank you very much for your long-term strong support and cooperation with our company. All the staff of our company express our heartfelt thanks. 

We hope that 2020 will be a new starting point to further improve the quality of products and services together with you. We’d like to thank you again for your support and cooperation for a long time in the past.


1. Closing Time: 19th/January/2020 to 31th/January/2020

2. Opening Time: 1st /February /2020.


During the holiday, our company will completely stop receiving and delivering goods. We here kindly say “Sorry” to bring you inconvenience and beg for your forgiveness, also hope you can stick support to us in the future .




                           E-Like Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited                                            Shenzhen Euroway Technology Co.,Ltd

                                         19th December 2019

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