Do you want to learn why HDMI AOC can sending 4K and 8K signal to 100m ?

日期: 2020-04-28
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    After the HDMI 2.1 released it is standard, it request HDMI signal up to 48Gbps, and support 8K@60hz, that is great challenge for each HDMI cable manufacturer , also the user is worry about there is right HDMI cable can be used on the HDMI 2.1 device.

    Luckily, there is another technology can do this, that is HDMI AOC.

In the past years, there is lot HDMI AOC on the marketing, but nobody can tell us why HDMI AOC can send 4K HDMI 2.0 signal and 8K HDMI 2.1 signal to 100m ? If you are a buyer or product manager, or and RD people, even a sales guys,  suggest you read this article, this will help you to understand the how it works.

    Firstly, let us know what is HDMI AOC, HDMI AOC is short of HDMI Active Optical Cable, from the name we can learned, it is active cable, there is chipset inside, and it is inside high speed signal is transmit by fiber optical cable. All of us know there is no signal loss by fiber optical, that is great advantage compare to traditional copper wire. The only issue is fiber is uni-direction, so there is Source and Display on both ends.

Do you want to learn why HDMI AOC can sending 4K and 8K signal to 100m ?

After we have basic concept about the HDMI AOC, we will introduce the key point of the inside PCBA.


First of all, we have learn there is both ends on each cable,

TX, the signal tramission, it is Source side, to connect PC, DVD,STB, etc

RX, the signal Receiver, it is Display side, to connect Screen, TV, monitor, projector etc


Next step is to understand why 4 fiber inside ? Why 7 copper inside ? What is them used for ? Following picture will help us to learn :

Do you want to learn why HDMI AOC can sending 4K and 8K signal to 100m ?

    All of us know HDMI cable designed 4 pair copper wire used for high speed signal, this is used for TMDS signal and Clock signal. HDMI AOC is put this 4 pair high speed signal converted into optical fiber signal. Under the priority of lighting, optical fiber can carry 18Gbps, 48Gbps, even 100Gbps very easy, and no signal loss, that is why HDMI AOC can go 100m, there is no surprise if you learnt this. Even 300 meters are available .  


    Then we need to learn why need 7 copper wire ?

Because HDMI is not only just high speed signal, also there is a lot control signal and message need to transmission, such as

HPD, hot plug detective

HDCP signal transmission

DDC channel, used for EDID communication,

PWR, 5V power


    Only these low speed signal also transmission success and finished EDID hand shake, then the signal pass to Screen side, whole system works.


    Last one are a little hard to understand, but if you are an RD person, I think it is very interested for you. How to converting Electronic signal to Fiber Optical signal ? Only you got this point, we can got deeply understand HDMI AOC engine.

Do you want to learn why HDMI AOC can sending 4K and 8K signal to 100m ?

    Smartavlink start HDMI AOC develop 7 years ago, we are the first generation of HDMI AOC development team, provide OEM/ODM service to worldwide brand . After 7 years development, we design and manufacturing following product :





Type C AOC

Medical used special AOC

Industrial camera used special AOC

HDMI AOC engine

DP AOC engine

USB AOC engine


Also have converting series products, including:




USB A to USB A female




If you want to learn more information about the HDMI AOC, DP AOC, and others, please contact, or visit , to get more informations.

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