Full-featured USB Type C is coming !

日期: 2020-04-08
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In the past years, type C developed very fast. A lot of PC and monitors have put type C as their standard interface for video transmission, data transmission, and PD function, which started from Apple.

For traditional copper solution type C, max length is limited within 2 meters. But a lot of applications still need this type C cable to support longer than 5 meters. Smartavlink also noted this requirement on the market, so we put full-featured type C into our development time schedule and designed following principle. We expected to finish this design within 2~3 months. After the Covid-2019, we wish our partners can get this new cable.

Fiber Optical Solution on Type C Full function Development

Design requirement:

There are 4 lanes high speed channel for Type C interface, divided into DP and USB. High speed signal requested :

1. DP 2 lane + USB 3.0+USB2.0

2. With PD (Power delivery) agreement, delivery 20V 3A power

Smartavlinks design can solve this problem and we expect to support length up to 30m , which will solve 90%+ applications.

Smartavlink team focused on Optical fiber and Electronic signal converting technology since 2013. Until now, we have full range Active Optical Cable and Fiber Optical engineers to support pro-AV, medical system cables and other consumer market as well. If you are looking for long distance solution and high speed signal transmission, please send mail to info@smartavlink.com .

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