What can we do when a AOC that couldn’t work ?

日期: 2020-02-04
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AOC is a photoelectric hybrid cable with electronic chip. In the application process, there is the risk of failure for the characteristics of electronic products . The details judgment method can refer to the following points:

1. Check whether the cable appearance is damaged or deformed.

2. Check the direction of the cable. The end marked with source on the cable shell is the signal source end, which cannot be reversed.

3. Check whether the source port is connected correctly. Some equipment ports should distinguish audio output port and audio video output port.

4. Whether there are extension wires at both ends of the equipment. Some equipment do not support the of extension wires application.

5. Check whether the port is damaged.

6. There is a compatibility problem between the display device and the source device. You can determine the problem point by replacing different devices at both ends.

7. A copper wire connection with normal function can be replaced without display.

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