GPU technology applied to 3D animation

日期: 2019-08-13
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Recently, a domestic anime 'Ne Zha, the Devil's Angels Come into the World' (hereinafter referred to as 'Ne Zha') has been in the limelight, refreshing the record of the country's box office, with a look of hope and expectation to the theater to observe a lot, no doubt the result is, 'true incense'!

                                      GPU technology applied to 3D animation

'Ne Zha' was produced for five years before and after, and it took nearly over three years from the previous script to the post-production. In terms of the plot, 'Ne Zha' subverts the tradition, and the connection is tight, the rhythm is clear, and the logic is clear. As the 3D movie, 'Ne Zha' compared with the previous anime movies, the character rendering is obviously a step higher, the clothing and hair are more delicate, and the expression is also a lot more flexible.

                 GPU technology applied to 3D animation

The picture on the left is 'Mahatma', and the picture on the right is 'Ne Zha', although it is a similar expression, but the texture of 'Ne Zha is obviously high.

The modeling of scenes in 'Ne Zha' has gradually matured, and the 'Shanhe Society' in it has quite a beautiful fairyland. There is no serious separation between the scene details and the characters, and more attention is paid to the matching of light and shadow.

                  GPU technology applied to 3D animation

Accelerate and improve production with GPU technology

The domestic animation industry is developing more and more rapidly, and it has also produced various classics. All major companies are striving to produce high-quality content that is both influential and fascinating. Content creation is undergoing a huge leap. In the entire creative process, whether it is the previous 3D model production, or the later scene rendering, you can use the GPU to create advanced, visually rich movies.

GPU Rendering

Compared to CPU rendering, whether it's pre-visualization or final frame, the series can achieve more iterations, speed up rendering, and gain significant advantages. NVIDIA RTX server render nodes provide up to 60x performance compared to dual CPU nodes. With the new RT core, we can create realistic ray tracing effects in real time, enabling greater fidelity for the entire workflow from interactive rendering to virtual production.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be applied to all aspects of the production process. The NVIDIA Quadro RTX TM GPU now features the Tensor core, designed to accelerate deep learning tasks, reduce workflow redundancy, dramatically simplify content creation with NVIDIA NGX, accelerate animation, extend image and video processing, and automate tagging with ease of operation Features to manage storage content.


Once configured, the NVIDIA RTX server provides a high-performance virtual workstation. We can use the NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software to partition the RTX server to provide multiple manageable virtual workstations, or any combination of virtual workstations and dedicated rendering server instances. Accelerate the launch of a new virtual workstation in dynamic mode, suspend it when it is not needed, and then speed up the launch of the new render node. With the help of NVIDIA Quadro vDWS, you can maximize resource utilization and use the live migration support feature to flexibly migrate jobs.

        GPU technology applied to 3D animation

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