What is DP?

日期: 2019-08-09
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DisplayPort (DP) is a digital video interface standard standardized by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and developed by the Alliance of PC and Chip Manufacturers. The interface is authentication-free and license-free. It is mainly used for connecting video sources and displays, and also supports audio, USB and other forms of data.


This interface is designed to replace the traditional VGA, DVI and FPD-Link (LVDS) interfaces. The interface is backward compatible with traditional interfaces such as HDMI and DVI through active or passive adapters.



1.Protocol based on small packets

  • Allows easy extension of the DisplayPort standard

  • Allow multiple video streams to be connected online in separate entities

2.Designed to support the connection between internal chips

  • Allows direct operation of the display function options to remove the control loop of the  display to produce a cheaper and thinner display.

  • The goal is to replace the LVDS connection inside the laptop panel with a unified link interface.

3.Allow backward compatibility with single DVI/HDMI

4.Supports RGB and YCbCr color spaces (ITU-R BT.601 and BT.709 formats)

5.Auxiliary channels can be used for touch panel data, USB links, cameras, microphones and more devices.

6.Less channels and embedded clock frequencies reduce RF interference 'RFI'.

7.Support USB Type-C

With the release of DP 2.0, the traditional DP copper cable has been unable to support. Smartavlink has developed its own expertise and developed DP AOC, which solves the problem of long-distance, high-bandwidth, without compression, real-time lossless transmission, applied to GPU, graphics cards and other occasions, and the 5G era, is the beginning of the era of OE conversion.

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