USB New Era Type C

日期: 2019-07-17
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Technical occupancy of the different USB standards. Extreme what you get through a Type-C in relation to the beginnings of the USB era!

USB New Era Type CDec. 2013,USB 3.0 Team published new generation USB Type-C Connector, with following full functions, including Video & Data and Power delivery. 

USB New Era Type C

Aug. 2014 put on mass production, New connector TYPE C interface design high-light is more slim, Hi-Speed( 10Gbps Max), and stronger power(100W Max). Most convenience is Type C support bi-direction plug-in on both side, any side is available for end-user, new generation completely win the heart of the PC sphere , quickly occupy traditional USB2.0 and USB3.0 interface. Following you will learn the Pin function, strong and real useful. New type C can be used for data communication, Video transmission, and Power Charge function, we can say, it is full function new generation interface. 

USB New Era Type C

Generally speaking, USB type C have following difference:

1. Max Data rate support 10Gbps/s, that is USB standard USB3.1

2.Type-C connector size is 8.3mm×2.5mm, slim design;

3. Type C connector support upper and bottom both side plug-in, and bear 10000 time pull-in&pull out

4. Support max 3A, and 100W Power


New type C connector is real attractive to the marketing, but the type C cable limited by copper wire physical characteristic, only reach 1.5m and 2m max. If some user want to use this interface for long distance application, that is trouble.

Luckily, Smartavlink can provide special OE technology, to put data center fiber optical engine technology into type C cable, solve the pressure of distance, reach 50m max, the new generation USB type C Active Optical Cable. Support both data and video, with 10Gbps data rate, it is best solution for USB type C future long distance, can be used on VR & AR, medical system, TV , any kinds of application with Data+Video , you can consider Smartavlink OE solution.


Type C is absolutely good design for next generation I/O interface, if you want to more application with type C, more people are checking how to put OE technology into type C design . 

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