5G, Opening a Era of UHD Transmission

日期: 2019-07-16
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Never like today,5G is so close to us, we are happy that we live this era.


5G which means the 5 generation, which means fast, hi-speed, higher bandwidth, volumes of Ultra HD Video/Pictures delivery to worldwide by kinds of device, mobile, TV, Computer, Cars, VR/AR, Gaming. Everything is connecting together, that is amazing time for everybody.

5G, Opening a Era of UHD Transmission

5G network have a good carrying capacity for 4K and even 8K UHD video .

The ultra-clear video based on 5G network has a variety of application scenarios, including: remote UHD live broadcast, remote security monitoring, remote ultra-clean medical treatment, commercial remote live real-time display and street view acquisition, etc., it has a very broad application prospects.


All of these 4K-8K scenarios are depending on a wide variety of data interfaces, in nowadays there are many high-bandwidth data transmission interfaces on the market, such as HDMI, DVI, USB, DP Type, C, Thunderbolt,. Some companies even have developed their own interfaces to support their own devices. For example, Sumsung, put the OE (Optical to Electronic) converting module into their 8K TV. This year, HDMI have update their standard to 48Gbps, and DP released 2.0 version standard, support 80Gbps.

5G, Opening a Era of UHD Transmission

Smartavlink is lucky get involve in the OE converting technology 6 years ago , developed a range of OE products, can solve this high speed signal transmission issues. Our products including HDMI2.1 AOC, DP1.4 AOC,USB 3.0 AOC, TYPE C AOC, and provide a lot of OE solution to many end-user.


Everything is connecting push the development of high-bandwidth products develop. More and more technical people realized that fiber optical solution is one of possible choice, can be used on consume products, since it is a way to solve long-distance, ultra-high definition, high-bandwidth applications. If you are a guy whom looking for Optical Electronic solution, find us.

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