Why we need E/O Converting Technology ?

日期: 2019-07-03
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3 years ago, nobody knows HDMI AOC (Active Optical Cable), but today, if you get involve in HDMI cable manufacturing, importer, distributer or installer , you must be heard HDMI optical fiber cable. Why?

Since traditional copper cable of a given length and wire thickness, signal losses increase dramatically as the data rate increases. At a certain data rate there is actually no usable signal coming out of the end of the cable! This can be mitigated to some extent by using pre-emphasis and equalization techniques which are for example built into the HDMI, Display Port and USB3 standards. However as the data rate increases these techniques become ineffective. The only solution is then to increase the thickness (AWG) of the copper wires used inside the cable to compensate for the signal loss. This results in the copper cable becoming much thicker, heavier and less flexible as well as increasing the cost of the cable. As an example a copper cable operating at 10G bps or 12G bps can easily be up to 8mm in diameter for a cable length of only 2m or less.


But today, a new technology is coming, the new E/O converting technology. To be frankly, this is not a fresh technology, since this active optical technology has been used in data center / telecoms markets which are low volume, high cost on marketing.

Today, it is 4K 8K generation, 5G era is coming, every place need higher bandwidth, this bring more opportunity to the application of higher bandwidth and longer HDMI or DP or USB Active optical. Luckily, a lot of companies keep develop some E/O converting chip for consumer applications. It provides a capability to low cost manufacturing of active optical cables for consumer markets, then more and more place we can put this as one of their new solution.


Smartavlink is one of this team focus on E/O converting technology more than 6 years, we try to bring a more cheaper and more stable with high data rates products to consumer marketing, this including USB, Type D, DP, HDMI etc., 

Why we need E/O Converting Technology ?

If you want to try this new technology, you can get following benefits from Smartavlink’s solution:

Only technology which enables high speed ultra-thin cables

· Cables are thin (eg 4.5mm outer diameter), light and flexible

· Cable thickness does NOT increase with length

· Can be used for cables from 1m length to 100m length

· Can be used for data rates up to 25G bps per channel which covers all known and planned consumer standards




Smartavlink has evolved from original HDMI AOC to today's complete line of photoelectric converting products as below:



HDMI2.0 Type D AOC

HDMI2.0 Armored Type A AOC

HDMI2.0 Armored Type D AOC

USB3.0 Male to Male AOC

USB3.0 Male to Female AOC

Type C GEN2 10G AOC

USB3.0 Male to TYPE C AOC



HDMI2.1 Type A AOC




Except above products, Smartavlink also help customers design and develop special AOC solutions for special scenarios, application including commercial to industrial; machine vision to medical….ect. If you are looking for a partner on private application, please kindly get back to us.


Smartavlink team has confident and capability of leveraging the technical advantages and R&D capabilities in 8K and higher applications, and using the concept of photoelectric converting technology to help more customers solve more application difficulties in the future.

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