2018 ISE --- HDMI Fiber Cable is ready , the future of HDMI signal transmission

日期: 2019-04-24
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ISE 2018 was the largest and busiest Integrated Systems Europe in our 15-year history. Across all 15 halls, visitors experienced a vibrant showcase of the latest AV and systems integration technologies, products and solutions, confirming the show’s position as as the international destination of choice for AV professionals.

The number of exhibitors totalled 1,296, of which 294 were exhibiting at ISE for the first time. They filled 53,000sqm of exhibition floor space. Floor space already confirmed for ISE 2019 currently stands at 103% of the total booked for ISE 2018. The number of registered visitors by the end of the show had reached 80,923, an increase of 10.3% compared to ISE 2017. Almost 20,000 visitors attended the last day of the show and over 30% of the total attendees were visiting ISE for the first time.

There is a lot of new visitors and exhibitors at 2018 , under the help of standard of HDMI 2.1 released, the fiber solution on HDMI signal transmission become very important and very necessary, the fiber can support HDMI 48Gbps without any pressure. We found more integrators have put the fiber HDMI as one of their solution. In the past few years develop HDMI fiber cable is very stable, and have good compatibility, we believe that we can find more people are using the HDMI fiber cable as many professional integrators' choice.

Most of us know that 2020 , the 32th Games of the Tokyo Olympic, the first 8K commecial display , their is a lot of 8K screens and solutions. Under such a strong background, the HDMI fiber cable will have it is new life, since we know 8K copper HDMI cable can not go longer than 2meter. The fiber HDMI will go into consumer marketing, people will start to use 1m 2m 3m fiber HDMI cable on their Blue Ray DVD, and Set Top Box, etc.

Smartavlink is a Chinese HDMI fiber Cable manufacturer,  focus on long distance HDMI cable solutions for many years, major products are:  HDMI fiber cable (HDMI Active Optical Cable), DP fiber cable (Display Port Fiber CAble), USB 3.0 fiber cable (USB 3.0 AOC), DVI fiber Cable (DVI Active Optical Cable), we put fiber-electronic engineen into the cable to support 4K@60Hz, 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz without any pressure, and support max distance from 5m 10m to 100m max. Based on Smartavlink more than 6 year R&D and manufacturing experience on HDMI AOC, Smartavlink engineer team have deep understanding on the HDMI standard, have trouble shorting capability. Today smartavlink provide OEM/OED service to worldwide customers whom need HDMI fiber cable.


If you want more informations about us, please visit website :www.smartavlink.com,and send your mail to info@smartavlink.

Tel: + 86755-23224889

Address: 5F, Avatar Xinqiao Innovation Park , No 6-8 Xinhe Street ,Xinqiao, Shajing ,Baoan, Shenzhen


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