What is DVI AOC ?

日期: 2019-09-16
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SDVC-8700 product is a hybrid fiber DVI active optical cable (AOC) DVI active optical cable (AOC) with high performance, low power consumption and low cost Using optical fiber ,to  replace  copper  wire  as  the  high-speed  signal  transmission  medium, DVI AOC can perfectly transmit HD image over 100 meters. Compared with. the traditional copper wire, DVI AOC is much longer, softer, more slim with better signal quality and perfect EMI/EMC feature.Compared with other,HDMI optical fiber transmission solution, DVI AOC is easy to use,  no external power supply needed.

Here is how to design the DVI AOC, see follwoing design diagram :

What is DVI AOC ?

Key Features :

 Long distance transmission, over 100 meters

 Single channel DVI interface, support up to 10.2Gbps bandwidth

Program and store monitors EDID information inside of source connector

 Thinner, lighter and softer than conventional copper cable.

 No radiation, and highly resistant with EMI

 Supports computer resolutions to 1080P and 4K2K(30P).

 Request no external USB power supply


 Digital Signage

 LED signboards in streets and in stadiums

 Medical Imaging Equipment

 Airplane On-board Video System

 Home Theater

 Blue-ray, 3D video, Projector, Set-up box, DVR, Game Consoles and Computer

 TV Broadcast Station

 Conference Room Video Equipment

 Security systems

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