The most important part of Active Optical Cable

日期: 2019-08-30
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What do we need in an active optical cable?

The most important part of Active Optical Cable

Optical fiber

  • Multimode fiber for easy alignment (50 µm core) 

Light source  (E => O)

  • High fiber coupling efficiency

  • Direct modulation

  • High efficiency, high reliability, high yield 

  • In array form for multiple channels

Optical detector (O => E)

  • High speed 

  • High reliability

  • Array format

Coupling optics

  • Array format

  • High coupling efficiency


  • To control the light source and optical detector

VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) 

The most important part of Active Optical Cable

PIN Photodiode 

The most important part of Active Optical Cable

Coupling optical devices

The most important part of Active Optical Cable

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