Why do HDMI cables require screws ?

日期: 2019-08-27
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It is estimated that consumers who often plug in HDMI HD cable will think more or less to make HDMI fixed like VGA. HDMI interface is too shallow, it always feels unstable, and the connector interface will be loose if plug in too often. But there are many reasons why the HDMI HD cable does not come with screws universally:

1、If the HDMI is attached with a screw, it is likely to cause a lot of problems with the format of the screw and the screw hole diameter. After all, the selection and process of each manufacturer are inconsistent.

2、Equipment manufacturers should reserve the screw position, screw thread diameter and other issues, need to increase the cost of communication with the manufacturer, and is not suitable for the trend of precision equipment in the new era.

3、At the beginning of the design, designer wanted to support the hot plugging of the HDMI high-definition cable. If it is fixed, it will become unworthy. Although there seems to be a lot of hot-plugging burning the interfaces problems.

Why do HDMI cables require screws ?

Just like the hdmi we customized for large equipment manufacturers, it only has screws on the top, which is the most likely way to reduce the connection position. There are other solutions that use 2 small screws at present.

Therefore, in the final analysis, the current state is a better solution to the choice of technology evolution, and recently the demand for hdmi with screws is increasing.Some equipment vendors having a need for cable connection stability, such as aerospace equipment, medical equipment, etc., which maybe have a need in this aspect. The new specification of hdmi will be upgraded in terms of stability some day. 

Why do HDMI cables require screws ?

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