VR AOC Specification

日期: 2019-08-26
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       Nowadays 5G has become a hot spot in the technology industry. As an overturning technology, 5G will greatly change people's lifestyles and be widely used in VR/AR, automatic driving, and other scenarios . Depending on this enquiry , Smartavlink developed the VR cable .

1. Key Features

Plug and play VR AOC support EDID/HDCP2.2no external power supply is needed

●High speed transmission ,VR AOC support DP1.4,32.4Gbps max ;

●USB support USB3.1 10Gbps max , support USB2.0 480M;

●Convenient carrying , VR AOC line can transmit audio video signals and USB control signals at the same time, no compression & no distortion when transfer video signals and images .;

●Compatible with VESA DP1.4 standard ,support RBR、HBR、HBR2rate、HBR3rate;

●Compatibility :VR AOC can support HD resolutions 720p、2K,and 4K@120HZ 4:4:4 , supporting all fiber optical achieved conversion;

●Support 6W power supply max ;

●Support customrized length,OD ,cable color and metal shell(Cable length≤10m,Cable wire OD≥4.5mm)

2. Schematics Drawing

VR AOC Specification

2. Specification

    2.1   Drawing

VR AOC Specification

    2.2   Connector  Type

VR AOC Specification

VR AOC Specification

VR AOC Specification

  Smartavlink team brings a new solution for the arrival of 5G for VR/AR application . Welcome your feedback for more information .  www.smartavlink.com --- The O/E solution Expert !

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