Why does the HDMI AOC connect to the TV host to get stuck while playing the game?

日期: 2019-08-14
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The HDMI cable is responsible for the transmission of high-definition images. When you get stuck while using the HDMI cable to connect to the TV to play the game, the first thing is to see if it is a configuration problem. Because the TV is used to see if the resolution is enough or not, playing a large game will lose frame because of the insufficient resolution. This problem does not occur when the display is connected, because the monitor is specialized in display, and the resolution is large enough to not lose frames. Here are the general solutions for getting stuck:

The occurrence of getting stuck in the game is generally caused by the sudden drop of FPS. FPS is related to the computer graphics card, CPU, memory settings, and is their comprehensive performance. Firstly, it is determined that the power supply is high performance, and secondly, the driver is installed correctly, finally, the speed measurement software can be used to understand the specific situation of the computer. When the game is started, the temperature and occupancy of the graphics card and the CPU, the usage rate of the memory and the video memory are adjusted according to the specific situation.

Generally speaking, when the temperature is high, then lower it. If the CPU is occupied high, the unnecessary program in the background is turned off. The memory usage is high and can be automatically released. When the video memory is occupied, the game resolution and special effects are appropriately lowered. In addition to the above problems, there are still many problems with the HDMI cable. For example, if the notebook is connected to the external monitor with HDMI, the monitor will not light up. It may be because the screen selection is not set. You can press the shortcut key on the keyboard: Windows key + P key , set to select 'copy mode' or 'extended mode'. When the data cable or the socket has a problem, the display will not light up.

A display is also commonly referred to as a monitor. A display is an I/O device belonging to a computer, that is, an input/output device. It is a display tool that displays certain electronic files onto a screen through a specific transmission device and then reflects them to the human eye. According to the different materials, it can be divided into: cathode ray tube display (CRT), plasma display PDP, liquid crystal display LCD and so on.

In addition to the above reasons, another reason is the poor quality of HDMI AOC. Nowadays , many manufacturers excessively pursue low cost and use inferior raw materials to instead of imported materials, resulting in a series of adverse reactions , such as HDMI AOC not reaching true 4K, poor compatibility of wire rods and transmission speed not reaching 18Gbps.

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