What is armored optical fiber cable? Here is its’ structure, type and application introduction

日期: 2019-07-25
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Armored optical fiber cable is same as armored electrical cable, for armored optical fiber cable, As the name implies, it is a kind of optical fiber cable that the outside wrapped a protective “armor”. Next, SmartAVLink will introduce the meaning, structure, types, applications and other parameters of armored optical fiber cable.

1. Structure

In the design of armored fiber cable, It typically has two jackets. Outer jacket can protect it from moisture and abrasion. Usually the outer jacket is made of plastic, such as polyethylene, SmartAVLink’s outer jacket material is TPU, of course, customized outer jackets are available. Inner jacket is a kind of protective and fire-resistance material, it can prop up the internal cable harness. Between the outer jacket and the inner jacket is armor, this material is difficult to cut, bite and burn, for example: stainless steel and aluminum foil. Armor material also can prevent fiber optical cables from stretching during installation. Briefly, In armored fiber optical cable, the buffer pipe is surrounded by a layer of aramid yarn, a layer of polyethylene jacket, and a layer of corrugated steel-reinforced armor.

What is armored optical fiber cable? Here is its’ structure, type and application introduction

2. Types

Generally, Armored fiber cable can be divided into indoor armored fiber cable and outdoor armored fiber cable. There are three types can be used: Double armor, single armor and no armor.

3. Key features

◆ High tensile strength

◆ Improved crush-resistance strength

◆ Simple structure

◆ Flexible and easy for installation

◆ Suitable for harsh environments, to avoid man-made damage

4. Applications

Armored fiber cable can be used for both indoor and outdoor. As known to all that cables are often the weak link when dealing with large project or rental business. A defective cable halting a job can cost a lot more than the price of a new cable. Under these circumstances, armored cable is the best choice, It is rugged and can take a serious beating without tangling, shorting, stripping or breaking, they brave the elements, cope with constant abuse. Often be used in heavy traffic areas and installations that require extra protection, including protection from rodents(mouse,dog etc.). What’s more, there is no any problem with repeated using. Also can be used for outdoor is typically a loose tube fiber construction designed for direct burial applications, it protects the optical fibers from the damage that can occur during direct burial installations.


Armored Optical Fiber Cable is such a fantastic type of cable. This is because it keeps the optical fibers in good condition. It ensures that the cable does not get affected any and kind of mechanical damages. In short, it offers the necessary protection for the fiber optical cables.

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