Smartavlink HDMI AOC ARC Testing

日期: 2019-04-24
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Today , HDMI 2.0 AOC is as the hottest high-definition transmission wire , there are more and more different brand on the market, most customers will face a promble that they don't know how to choose and maybe they want to ask what difference .

Today, we tested many brand HDMI AOC .

We check their ARC function.

We found very bad, some brand HDMI AOC witout ARC, some HDMI AOC only reach 10m 20m.  

Our equipment:

ONKYO Amplifier +Sony 4K TV+Pioneer Sound Box

Works fine at 100m ARC

Here are a vedio to show our cable 's ARC function


Our HDMI Key features:

◆ Up to 100m Maximum Length.(Custom Length Available)

◆ Low Power Consumption: 250mW (max). (Power Required)

◆ Plug and Play

◆ Compatible with HDMI 2.0 standard.

◆ Support HDCP and ARC

◆ Self-detecting function for EDID information

◆ No loss of signal – delivering crystal clear digital images instantly.

◆ Supports computer resolutions to 1080P and 4K2K(60P).

◆ Hybrid optical cable with fiber and copper wire


Smartavlink is a Chinese HDMI fiber Cable manufacturer,  focus on long distance HDMI cable solutions more than 6 years, major products are:  HDMI fiber cable (HDMI Active Optical Cable), DP fiber cable (Display Port Fiber CAble), USB 3.0 fiber cable (USB 3.0 AOC), DVI fiber Cable (DVI Active Optical Cable), we put fiber-electronic engineen into the cable to support 4K@60Hz, 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz without any pressure, and support max distance from 5m 10m to 100m max. Based on Smartavlink more than 6 year R&D and manufacturing experience on HDMI AOC, Smartavlink have deep understanding on the HDMI , we can share our experience with you if you are looking for this solution on your project.

If you are looking for long HDMI cable, then Smartavlink.

If you want to find a OEM/ODM partner at HDMI AOC , then Smartavlink.

Smartavlink, your partner on HDMI Fiber Cable.


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