Flexibility: The selection considerations of towline cable

日期: 2019-09-06
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The towline cable can be divided into different types according to different functions: high flexible data towline cable, high flexible power supply towline cable, and high flexible control cable. Nowadays, towline cables are used in various industrial equipment and power places. The biggest characteristic of this kind of cable is that its flexibility is very good, and the type of the towline cable is too numerous to mention. The model of the foreign towline cable is not mentioned at present, and the number of the domestic towline cable is also quite a lot.

Flexibility: The selection considerations of towline cable

Each towline cable manufacturer's towline cable has its own model and standard. Moreover, some cable models are really hard to remember. It is already difficult to remember the model. To understand the meaning even needs a lot of work.

Flexibility: The selection considerations of towline cable

How to make the selection of the towline cable model easy? As long as the following points are clear in advance, the selection of the towline cable model will be easy.

1、 The moving speed, which is the maximum moving speed of the towline cable.

2、 Acceleration, the maximum acceleration of the towline cable.

3、 The distance of dragging chain

4、 The bending radius, which is the minimum bending radius of the towline cable, and the minimum bending radius is related to the outer diameter of the towline cable. Therefore, the drag chain with a small bending radius needs to know the outer diameter of the cable when selecting the cable.

5、 If you need to shield the cable, you need to choose the type of shielding according to the interference intensity of the onsite environment.

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