Type C E-mark, what is that ?

日期: 2019-09-03
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Type C E-mark, what is that?

When you buy USB type C cable, you will be noted this cable with E-mark, but do you know what is E-mark standard for ?

E-Mark, is short of Electronically Marked, actually it is a control agreement, included product (Sink, Source, Cable ) Power Provide/Power Acceptable/Power Delivery capability, normally only request PD (Power Deliver ) function product must have E-Mark

Commonly, when USB type Cable need to delivery 5A (Voltage is DC 5V~20V), power source side need to identify the cable support 5A or not, if support, then VBUS open (Power user side needed voltage), otherwise, cable can change the VBUS voltage to the user requested voltage. From following picture, we can see USB type C VBUS pin:

Type C E-mark, what is that ?

Anyway, E-mark means your USB type C charging function is legal.

On the marketing , some times you will find active optical USB type C cable, mostly this cable do not have E-mark, because  USB C active optical cable normally start from 5m 10m and max 30m and 50m, only provide limited power for this style cable.  

If you want to learn more information about USB type C E-mark, please contact info@smartavlink.com 

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