Armored HDMI AOC obtained patent certificate

日期: 2019-07-05
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After one year waiting, SmartAVLink's Armored HDMI AOC has got the patent certificate in China area this month, we also have submitted the patent application to worldwide. Our patent is covered the stainless steel no matter is under the jacket or outside of the jacket, all of them is protected.

Armored HDMI AOC obtained patent certificate

Nowadays, there are more and more AOC cables on the market, when you launch a unique good product, someone will always copy yours, then the market is full of pirated products, this is terrible and bad thing! Armored HDMI is SmartAVLink's exclusive design in AOC field, we must get patent to protect our global-customers and ourselves from malicious competition.

If you find some suppliers also offer armored HDMI AOC, please don't be cheated, all of them are copied from us. No matter who hurts our customers' or our own benifits with this products, we will sue them without any hesitation.

SmartAVLink focus on R&D and manufacturing in hybrid fiber active optical cable since 2012, listening to the voice of customers and quietly improving products, we continue to get experience from past failure to grew up step by step, But finally, all experience for us are worthy. Today we gained a good reputation among some of our customers and partners around the world. Because such persistent, so we are professional! Let's protect the AOC market together and walk farther in the future.

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